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maryland. some heavy rain falling there. and some rain falling across the bay. we have plenty of clouds. here is a look at what we're seeing. 74 here in the district. 73 in baltimore. ocean city and 69 out to the west and the forecast. take the umbrella with you. we're likely to see showers and storms during the course of the day that will cap the temperatures a warm and humid day. that's colling up in a bit. >> let's look at traffic. julie? >>> good morning to you if you are headed to 123 before you reach that exit here at the germantown overpass, the accident activity here using the left lanes headed in the direction of the beltway. as you continue. clay delays are forming. traveling along 355355 open for business this morning and south of the beltway and 410. that's where we have a tree reported a a tree down at that location. that's a check of the on time traffic. >>> we have a developing story this morning, an autopsy to identify remains in a ditch. it happened along route 1. the call came in at 8:00 last night. a driver spotted what appeared to be a skull and other remains. at thi
morning news is hitting the road today. we are broadcasting live from poolesville, maryland from 6:00 to 10:00 as part of our hometown friday series. gurvir, steve, allison, tony, tucker, they are all going to be out there. if you are out near there, you may want to head over and see the crew. >> take them a bottle of water. >> it will be another hot day today. it will just continue and the temperatures will rise even higher as we move through into the weekend. let's start it off with a look at our weather headlines. we will put it all into officer spective for you. there is a heat advisory today and that is in effect from noon until 9:00 tonight. that is because, once we factor in the temperatures and the humidity, our heat in d.c. is going to be into the triple digits. it will feel like it is about 100 to 105 degrees or more. staying on the into the weekend as well. state, we get near 100 degrees and that is just for our temperature. we are watching tropical storm bonnie that actually formed last night. let's take a look at our current temperatures now. yesterday we were into th
on the beltway in maryland or virginia. 95, 395, checking in great. 66, as you head inbound, no delays reported fair oaks looks good. little bit of volume, everybody moving at speed at this point. no accidents or incidents to report. we have an accident reported in montgomery county and silver springs. fenton at new york, watch out for that. check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> to our big story this friday morning it's the news that residents along the gulf coast have been waiting for. bp has finally put a stop to the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. did it by capping the well. this crisis is still far from over. >> a look at the notorious spill cam says it all. the cloud of crude gushing in to the the gulf is gone. the question is will the cap hold without creating bigger problems. a sigh of relief along the gulf coast for you at lase. the ruptured deep sea oil well stopped gush for first time in three months. the company is conducting tests for the new con tapement cap. if everything goes according to pran, bp can continue the choke off the leak or at the very least send oil up to
. sarah simmons, fox 5. >> all right. thank you very much. >>> the former maryland governor has announced his running mate. he announced his decision on facebook last night. >>> democratic and republicans in the senate agree that kagan is on her way to being the fourth women to serve on the supreme court. they are not planning to filibuster kagan's nomination. if confirmed it would be the first time three of the court's 9 justices are women. >>> the public can pay respects to robert byrd today. >>> president barack obama is calling for action to fix what's being called a broken system in america. ♪ welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards. no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters. >>> president barack obama focusing on immigration reform today. he will speak at america university later this morning pushing for action. a white house spokesperson is saying it is accountability for employers and immigrants in the country ill
also been an arrest in the murder of a prominent maryland artist. she was found stabbed to death in a tease alley on monday. she had gone missing from her rockville studio just three days earlier. police used surveillance video to track down 35-year-old raymond williams of kensington. he confessed to killing her but authorities don't know why. he is charged with premeditated murder. >>> a final house vote is expected later today on extending unemployment benefits to two and a half million americans who have been out of work for six months or longer. that bill passed in the senate after a month-long battle between democrats and republicans over how to finance it. >>> the wall street reform and consumer protection act is now the law of this country. a victorious president obama signed that bill into law yesterday. democrats have been trying to get that bill through congress for two years. the president says that new law contains common sense changes including a council of regular lawsuitors to overseawall street's complex financial transactions and the creation of a watchdog consum
'm trying to say. you don't want to miss that. leonardtown, maryland coming up at 6:00 this morning. are they dealing with a little bit of rain showers in that area too. >> there will be just a little bit down to the south but mainly we will see most of the wet weather kick in late into the course of tonight more than anything else. right now, here is a look at satellite-radar composite. we have the spin going around across the area and just a few showers to our far west but we are looking at a chance of seeing some of that later today but tonight will be our primary time but as far as today is concerned, things are pretty clear out there as far as the skies are concerned so not a whole lot going on. here is a look at your current temperatures. 77degrees at national airport. 77 at baltimore. 76 at dulles and 78 degrees this hour already at winchester. and for today, we are still talking humid conditions. thunderstorms by tonight. late this afternoon, by tonight is what we're talking about. mainly, i think it will fob the majority of our area, it will be like after midnight more than
in germantown, maryland actually boy is recovering this morning after he nearly drowned actually lifeguard watched as the boy chaseed a ball into the deep end of the pool. she says at one point he began floating on his stomach. he didn't respond to the lifeguard's whistle so she jumped into water, pulled him out and called the paramedics. >> i put him into the emergency position, tilt the victim's head back and make sure there is nothing obstructing their airway. it is something you have to be constantly vigilant. you're just always ready for a save. >> the cdc says each day, three children in america die from drowning. another four receive emergency care for nonfatal injuries. >>> a local lawyer is helping rescue fishermen from the gulf oil disaster. >> coming up next, his mission to put them back in hair boats. why he says bp is slowing down the process. >>> good morning. after lots of heat and humidity yesterday, conditions today even worse. i'll have the details on the forecast. it gets a little bitter on the five-day. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming
a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. he is accused in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony. >> he always came to work. he was never one that cause any problems. >> i hope that with the arrest of this bad, very dangerous individual that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing some of the other cases. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton, both of them shot to death six week before the dewitts' murders at their home nearby. >>> still to come, another oil spill in the gulf while the bp spill reach as a milestone. we have an update on both. >>> we have an update on two american sailors ambushed in afghanistan. we'll get the latest on the massive search. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> we now know the identity of the two sailors ambushed in eastern afghanistan last friday. the pentagon confirms the taliban killed petty officer second class justin mcnally of colorado and the to belie
, mississippi. >>> a grand jury indicted a suspect in the murder of maryland state trooper wesley brown killed outside a forestville restaurant last month. anthony milton, jr. faces five charges including first degree murder. prosecutors say another suspect was also charged in the killing. he is in custody but has not yet been indicted. >>> a former virginia teacher is facing 10 years in prison after pleading gety to molesting a student. prosecutors say kevin ricks made friends with his victims and on occasion gave them tequila shots before molesting them. police say it was facebook that tipped someone off. a young friend of victim discovered sexually explicit messages between the victim and ricks on the site. but his legal problems are not over. federal prosecutors are charging him with child pornography. >>> one of the leaders of the most powerful drug cartels in mexico is dead this morning. details of massive raid. >>> plus, hundreds of people killed in flood waters. we are checking world headlines next on fox 5 morning news. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where
worked at the university of maryland for many years before leeing to stay at home with her kids. neighbors remember her telling them that she was adopted and they were looking forward to adopting two of their own. they did adopt two daughters. >> she was very excited and she treat the children so well. >> we would talk about our kids and that is what i remember about her is how kind she was and how generous and how active she was in her community. >> she worked on the college park recreation board and she also created a neighborhood watch site. >>> can you log on to our web site if everything you need to know about the storms from information on power outages to pictures of the damage. also, we have tips there on how to keep your food fresh. check out myfoxdc.com. >>> other headlines, we'll find out more about last june's deadly metro accident later today when the ntsb releases its official report on the red line crash that killed nine people. metro is putting aside $30 million over three years to meet the ntsb recommendation. officials admit m
question. we'll have an update to that next. >>> a big drug bust in maryland. here is some of what police say they found. >>> a woman charged with killing her own father. we'll have detail coming up next. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ws. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. >>> a northern virginia woman is accused of murdering her elderly father. neighbors say 53-year-old patricia blevins is a nurse. she started having financial trouble. soon after, her mother died. her 82-year-old father then collapsed and died in march while living at the residence inn in woodbridge. an autopsy showed he had a high level of zoloft and undissolved crushed tablets in his stomach. >>> two men have been
to julie wright. >> starting off in maryland, if you are traveling the stop stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda, all lanes are open. no problems reported. southbound 270 in the clear leaving hyattstown and continuing out towards the truck scales. the lanes are open. in virginia, inner loop of the beltway at eisen shower avenue, we had a disabled vehicle. v-d.o.t. still on the scene squeezing the right lane off the inner loop but no delay as you head over to the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> a suspected serial killer is accused of killing a mother and daughter and is a suspect in another mother-daughter murder. we are learning that jace son scott is suspected in multiple home invasions across the country. >>> a health alert this morning. for get mouth to mouth. hands only cpr may be most effective at saving an adult's life. that is the finding of two new studies in today's new england journal of medicine. the advice is to do chest pushes continually at a rate of 100 per minute and skipping the mouth to mouth part. babies and
out to sea. you can see the spin in the atmosphere the lingering showers were across southern maryland. those are gone now. the skies are mostly clear. we'll have a decent sunrise. 94 for your high. 93 in baltimore. 94 for your high in town. 95 in fredricksburg. that's it for your weather more coming up in just a bit. >>> take a look at traffic. >> not so bad if you traveling between college park and over night we had a tree coming down. so, again, mass av shutdown until further notice. meanwhile, if you're making the trip along i-95 still in good shape. the pace running at speed. the beltway inner loop also at speed between an nondale and -- no problems to report on the outer, police have put the flashing lights are coming southbound. they are checking for disabled vehicle it was reported on the inner loop. so they're looking. we'll keep an eye on this camera for you and keep you posted if we find anything on our next report. that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> new this morning a construction worker was killed in an accident by a coworker. this happened on pennsylvania av
georgetown at this point in time. traveling the beltway, a couple of things to reported in maryland. on the outer loop in prince george's county, right near route 5 branch avenue, we do have some construction under way getting by single file to the right. here we are 210 indian head highway with the later volume, it likes everybody is moving well through this stretch. on the inner loop. beltway near colesville road, we had trees down to the right side of the roadway. watch for police activity there. also on the ramp from colesville to get on to the inner loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> the ntsb report on last summer's deadly metro crash will be released next week and from broken escalators to fare increases, the transit system just can't seem to get away from the bad press these days. metro's leaders are now talking about some of the nagging problems they are facing. >> it's transportation system with some major issues. safety, new fare increases, escalators that don't work and panic during rush hour last w
to restore power to customers in maryland and the district. audrey barnes joins us now. she is live in northwest in a neighborhood where the lights are out at this hour. good morning. >> reporter: the lights are out and it could be a very hot and sticky morning for about 5,000 pepco customers in d.c., montgomery and prince george's county because of an overnight outage. take a look at what is going on here at the scene. this is in the 5700 block of western avenue just off the chevy chase circle. a primary cable here went out overnight and crews are now on the scene making those repairs. now, most of the pepco customers affected by this are in the district. about 3273 people without electricity in d.c. this morning. 1762 in meg county are also affected and 4 # 4 -- and 4 # customers in prince george's county will find themselves without air conditioning as well. -- 1762 in montgomery county are also affected. at this hour, we are still waiting to get word from pepco on when they expect these customers to be back online. i did talk to one. the repairmen out here working on this prima
. here is a look at the storms as they rolled into kensington, maryland. montgomery county took an especially hard hit. thousands there still don't have power this morning. most of the customers in the dark are in montgomery county and it could be a while before electricity is finally restored. >> sarah similar monday is in rockville. she has more for us there. >> rockville pike, that is an area where a lot of the traffic signals like we are this morning are out. a lot of foakd remember to treat it as a four-way stop. pepco, which is having -- has the largest a outages right now is calling this probably a multi-day restoration so be prepared that you could be without power for a while. here are the power outages in the area. take a look at the video that we shot just a little bit earlier. this gives you an idea what the traffic signals are going to look like in a lot of places. montgomery county, of course, got hardest hit. this is route 355 where we are at. it was quite eerie to see how dark it is up and down rockville pike. in some areas like where we are, you will notice ther
to maryland and virginia, you will find your way -- light traffic volume for those continuing. toll road headed around bethesda. travel inbound along 66, heading in toward 123. traffic moving at speed. heading for the beltway. no problems to report on the inner loop as you travel between annan dale -- that's a look at your "fox 5" traffic. >> two bombs targeting crowds in uganda killed 64 people in the capital. including at least one american. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, strongly condemning attacks. she said the united states will help ugandan police track down the attackers. >>> a 10-year-old boy is in critical condition this morning after being struck by a car in georgetown many he was hit while he was in the cross walk on reservoir road. the boy was taken to the hospital. he is said to be in grave condition. the boy was visiting family, from out of town. >>> an elderly woman and her daughter killed in a house fire in the district over the weekend. the blaze broke out saturday night 1600 block of w street southeast. 100 firefighters were called to the scene. three of them
's northeast corridor are often shared by commuter railroads like maryland's mark trains which are self powered and faster longer distant trains. they're powered by electricity using overhead cat and wire system which transmits the electricity. the lowest wires transmit the energy, the highest wires in the system are essentially lightning rods. those high wires are made of copper, they're quite thick to carry lightning. copper is valuable and can be sold as scrap metal. in february an amtrak employee noticed a man rolling up some of that copper wire along the rail systems right of way in prince georgia's county. the man sort of looked like he belonged. >> he had a hard hat on and safety vest. >> reporter: but something didn't look right so he challenged the man who ran away. the employee noticed the wire had been cut and dropped from one tower and then cut at ground level at the other end. he called amtrak police. ultimately two 50-year-old men were indicted. george bridge water jr. and ray harvey walker, a source familiar with the investigation says detectives believe the men climbed t
. is. >>> 911 service is now back in southern maryland this morning. for several hours yesterday afternoon, customers couldn't caught an ambulance or police. they could only get through using their cell phones. verizon says the outage was caused by a utility pole fire along route 4 in prince frederick county. service came back on around 5:00 last night. >>> gulf coast beaches are feeling the pinch from the oil spill. the beaches are usually packed with hundreds of thousands of tourists over the long holiday weekend. there are some vacationers spending july 4th on the coast but they are sharing the beach with crews cleaning up tar balls an oily sand. the coast guard is hoping the world's biggest skimmer ship will able to clean up more oily water. >>> there was a lot of violence in the run-up to yesterday's vote in mexico. it appears that while allies of president calderon won some important governor races, exit polls also showed the often decision party is making gains. >>> coming up on fox 5 morning news, do you think you would be happier way guaranteed paycheck or do you think y
. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. >>> welcome back. one maryland lawmakers responding to recent incidents in which passengers were left stranded. democratic congressman introduce commuters bill of rights. it -- they can provide food, water, other necessity to disabled passengers on board. they were stranded for hours. the government student loan probation sally may taking hundreds of jobs with it. sally me has had 0 riddics, that will mean worker wills have to decide if they want to sell home. 700 employees concernly live in fairfax county. the student loan giant says some of them will be able to stay there. 2trillion people this morning, they're being told -- t 6-inch water pipe. the restrictions to last 80 -- >>> former republican robert erlik announces his pick. will ethics charges follow her? ♪ welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards. no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters.
over for nearly two million maryland residents. the mandatory restricts lifted now. for the past six days, residents were told to conserve water because of a water main about to break in potomac. the pipe has been fixed. wssc says tests show the water is safe it use. >>> a bank robber is in custody this morning after hitting two banks. he turned down a dirt road and ended up in a cornfield. the officers opened fire and shut is in grave condition. >>> a big day for gambling enthusiasts. the official red carpet introduction goes off this morning. the casino is about an hour from the d.c. and baltimore beltway. >> this is some big old hollywood stars show up for that. >> speaking of stars, the judge hands down a ruling and a shocked star, lindsay lohan being breaks down in tears. >> we'll talk about the sentence she is facing up next on fox 5 morning news. >> very hot conditions continue across the area. we'll have a heat advisory. we'll have the details on that and let you know when we might get some relief from all this heat and humidity and julie wright will be in with a look at your
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